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Série Wolf's Heritage - Tielle St. Clare

Livro 1: Beijo de Ano Novo
Tudo o que Taylor espera da noite de Ano Novo era uma ressaca e um beijo a meia-noite.
Quando seu noivo a deixa uma semana antes das Festividades, refugiou-se em seus amigos Zach e Mikhel pela compreensão, mas nunca esperou nada mais que uma noite de diversão e um beijo na bochecha, quando o ano novo começará.
Mas à medida que balança a noite, Zach e Mikhel parecem diferentes, quase animais. Definitivamente perigosos. Estão atuando mais como amantes que como amigos. Atuando como se os dois a quisessem.
Ela sabe que chegará o momento em que terá que escolher entre os dois homens. Mas Mikhel lhe oferece a opção de tomar aos dois como seus amantes, Taylor não sabe o que fazer. Uma coisa é segura, não importa o que ela dita, isto será um passeio selvagem.
Livro 1.5: After the Ceremony
For Zach, Taylor and Mikhel’s wedding is a bittersweet event. He’s thrilled for his lovers but feels left out. Still, he’s going to do everything in his power so they can have the perfect wedding night. Just the two of them. But Taylor and Mik have other plans. Their perfect wedding night involves Zach and the wicked, wicked things they do together.
Livro 2: Summer's Caress
When Rebecca goes to her friend's cabin, all she wants is a few days away. She isn't expecting to be attacked by a rogue werewolf intent on building his own pack or to suddenly find herself turned on, hot and craving sex — all the time. Thankfully Deacon, the hunky human doctor who treats her, is more than willing to help her counteract the sexual impact of the werewolf's bite.
And then there's Trey — seductive and tempting Guardian for Rebecca's new "Pack". He's trying to find out who attacked her, if only he could keep his mind — and hands — off his sexy new packmate. He doesn't even mind sharing her with the human. At least for now.
But there's trouble for the threesome because the rogue werewolf isn't done yet.
Livro 3: Maxwell's Fall
Never threaten a werewolf's just pisses him off. Mandy wants to prove her father's innocence and her friend Jackson has agreed to help. Only he's acting strange. In one day he's gone from "mild-mannered accountant" to "bad-boy sex god" and she can't keep her hands off him. Now every secret submissive fantasy she's ever had seems possible, even necessary. It's very distracting. Max came to Alaska to check on his twin...but Jackson's missing. When a cute little blonde mistakes him for his brother, he goes along with the charade. Mandy isn't Max's type. He likes bold and bitchy, not curvy and innocent. But he'll soon discover innocence hides some wicked tendencies. Now he's gotten himself into a real mess. He's sleeping with a woman who thinks he's his brother, his werewolf has developed a strange attraction for Jax's very best, very male friend and bad guys are after Mandy. This can't end well.

Livro 4: Jackson's Rise
Jackson has always been the brother in the background, but when his mate is threatened, he rises to the occasion. When a phone call sends Jackson to Las Vegas to check on his brother, he's not overly surprised to find Max gone. Jackson's big surprise is waking up with a gorgeous naked Vegas showgirl on top of him. Dani can't believe the hot, hung stud in bed with her isn't her soon-to-be-ex fianc, Max. But soon the truth appears. They might look alike but Jackson's quiet strength is polar opposite to his playboy brother. It appears she's been sleeping with the wrong brother all this time... When Reign, a Cat Shapeshifter, shows up needing Dani's help to trap a killer, Jackson's protective instincts kick in. The Cat community is dangerous to outsiders. To guard Dani, Jackson must become Reign's lover. Though he's never been with another man, Jackson will do whatever it takes to protect his mate. Note: Though it's not necessary to read Maxwell's Fall first, you'll love both books more if you read them together. And do you really want to miss out on Max's story?


Livro 5: Shadow's Embrace
Kalen is happy living her normal, human life. Though she's the daughter of two strong werewolves, she inherited almost none of the wolf's traits. She has a great job, a comfortable house and Brennan, her very sexy, very human fiancé. She has no intention of ever telling him that her family turns furry and howls at the moon.
Then Rebel returns, a childhood friend Kalen hasn't seen in years, stepping out of the shadows of her past. Despite the desire simmering between herself, Rebel and Brennan, Kalen is not about to let Rebel screw up her plans for a normal existence.
But when an injury puts Brennan on the edge of death, there's only one way to save him. Now Kalen must watch her fiancé turn into the very creature she fears, drawing her back into a world she left behind long ago. Her new werewolf's lust and needs and their mutual attraction to Rebel awaken hidden depths in Kalen. Is she strong enough to keep two werewolves?

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