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Série Hope - Jaci Burton

Livro 0: Hope Smolders
Will Griffin, Policial Rodoviário, melhor amigo do ex-marido de Jane, manteve distância desde que Jane e seu ex se divorciaram, principalmente pela culpa porque não fez mais para ajuda-la quando seu ex a deixou. Mas agora ele vê que Jane está dedicando todo o seu tempo para ser um pai, e acha que ela precisa sair e se divertir um pouco. Ele acha que é o cara que pode mostrar-lhe o caminho.
Jane Kline, Professora do Ensino Médio, divorciada após seu ex-marido e viciado em drogas abandonar ela e seus dois filhos pequenos, dedicou-se às necessidades de seus filhos nos últimos anos. Tentar conciliar trabalho e família e fazer face às despesas é tudo o que ela pode suportar, até que Will Griffin retorna para sua vida e lhe diz que é hora de cuidar de suas próprias necessidades novamente.
Livro 1: Hope Flames
Thirty-two and finally setting up her veterinary practice in the town she once called home, Emma Burnett is on her own and loving it. Independent and driven, she's not letting any man get in the way of her dreams. Not again. That's fine with Luke McCormack. Divorced and hardly lacking in female company when he needs it, he's devoted to the only faithful companion in his life--his police dog. Still, there's something about Emma he can't shake. When a series of local break-ins leaves Emma vulnerable, she seeks help from the first man to spark her desire in years. And now they're giving each other something they thought they'd lost forever...hope.
Livro 2: Hope Ignites
Logan McCormack likes his isolated life on the ranch, until a movie crew starts filming there. When actress Desiree Jenkins blows into his life, she wrecks it harder than the Oklahoma winds with her brutal honesty and soft touch. Des knows this is a temporary stay, but she loves the open freedom of the land, and for the first time in her life, Des feels like she might have found a place she can call home, with a man she might be falling in love with. But Logan’s heart is tougher than the soil beneath them—can she convince him that they belong together?
Livro 3: Hope Burns
Molly Burnett and Carter Richards share a painful past, one that sent Molly running out of town, vowing never to return. The only thing bringing her back is her sister’s wedding, and she doesn’t intend to stay long. But circumstances force her to remain in town, and within close distance of the one man who hurt her more than she’d ever been hurt before. Can the two of them face down the past and work together toward the possibility of love and happiness in Hope?

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  2. Oi, vc podem me dizer quando os demais serão traduzidos

  3. Oi, vc podem me dizer quando os demais serão traduzidos