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Antologia Encantamento Irlandês - Multiplos Autores

Livro 1: Stitches in Time - Diana Hunter
When Liam Finnerty agreed to let the boss's daughter accompany him on a business trip, the last thing he expected was to get lovemaking advice from a leprechaun. When a scrap of tapestry in an old boutique forces Maggie Andrews to confront the demons that have made her life miserable for the past several years, she admits her life is on the wrong path. Now all leprechaun Seamus O'Brien must do is get the two of them to see what is right before their eyes.
Review quotes for Irish Enchantment "Of all the novellas in Irish Enchantment, Stitches in Time is the one that moved me the most. Maggie was the type of heroine I prefer to see. Three artifacts, three talented authors, three unforgettable novellas combine to make Irish Enchantment a don't miss read. Full of Ellora's Cave trademarks, emotion and more sex more sex more sex, this anthology will have you glued to your seat and downing iced tea while sighing over the beauty of undying love."


 Livro 2: Harpist Bizarre - Sahara Kelly
Those who anger the Gods shall pay the price. And in ancient times, Aidan Murphy discovered what a high price it was. Imprisoned by a cruel enchantment, he needed a special woman to free him, a woman with music in her soul. Fay Krakowski had fled from her demanding schedule as a concert pianist to find rest in the green hills of Ireland. Along with the vacation and the break she so desperately needed, she found a harp. It freed the sensual music imprisoned within her body and her heart. And it freed something else too...Aidan.


Livro 3: Beijando a Pedra - Tielle St. Clare
Kit Bauman sente uma forte atração por Jax desde o primeiro dia em que o conheceu, mas ela sabe que nunca vai fazer nada com relação a isso. Ela se recusa a colocar em risco a amizade deles apenas por algumas noites de - ao que tudo indica - sexo fantástico. Quando um homenzinho numa loja irlandesa de bugigangas lhe vende uma “pedra mágica” ela se surpreende dizendo coisas que nunca imaginou dizer e fazendo coisas com Jax que até o momento ela só fizera em sonhos.  Mas o efeito da magia um dia vai acabar.

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